A Tech Knight facing off against a Dragon! Businesses and consumers trust us with their challenging Tech battles because Tech Kingdom Forces will always find victory for their allies! We won't surrender, we will keep pressing against the ones who wish to cause our allies harm. Whether it's a dragon or a small issue. We will look for the most efficient solutions.

Tech Kingdom brings you the services that your business needs!

Consulting. Hosting. Services. Support.

Tech Kingdom specializes in all facets of Technology and provides its' customers with: Managed Services, Infrastructure Services, Security and Networking Solutions, Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Infrastructure Hosting, HIPAA/HITECH Hosting, Backup and Disaster Solutions, Technology Support, Technology Consultation. Technology Management, Technology Maintenance, Web Development, Project Services, Integration Services, Migration Services, Software, Domains, SSL Certificates, Voice and VoIP Communication, Cloud Services, Training, and so much more! We will aid you with any and all business needs!

Tech Kingdom is a full Technology partner that every client needs. We are flexible with working with any vendor to meet the needs and requirements of optimum business operations!

Our goal is to take care of our customers in every aspect of their technology needs whether they are Large Enterprise business or Small to Medium Business or even consumers! We want to ensure your business’ needs are met and exceeded!

Managed Service Provider

Our goal is to stabilize, manage, maintain, support, and optimize your IT operations. We aim to be the sole provider for many technology needs, however we do understand if supplemental support is required instead, which is why we value other ITSPs/MSPs and internal IT departments. Some aspects need to be handled by different Subject Matter Expert (SMEs) depending on business needs.

Software, Subscription, and Licensing solutions

We can help you get the licenses you need, just send us a quote request and we will be happy to provide the cost. Our licensing team can also provide answers to any questions you may have in regards to the software or licenses.

Solution Provider and Value-Added Reseller at our core

We work with multiple vendors, partners, and organizations to provide you solutions. We can actively manage this work for your business so you can concentrate on more important business or technical needs.

Customer Support Quality

Tech Kingdom does its best to provide Customer Support and will support your business to the most effective way it can! Various options and preferred support options are available. We can do our best to cater to your business support needs!

Trusted Partner

Tech Kingdom may provide updates on new offerings, but we will not constantly message you or spam you for sales. Our goal is to help you and that means when: you require a new solution. As your trusted partner, we want to aid you and not profit off of annoyances.

Cost-Effective and Quality Options

We understand every business has different needs, and do our best to cater to your unique strategies for success! We provide both cost-effective and high quality options, we also have Self Managed and Fully Managed Server Options for many of our hosting platforms.


Allow us to help you improve your business through cost-effective and efficient solutions that are uniquely tailored to your business requirements and needs!

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