Networking and Security Solutions


  • • Primarily focused on corporate and data center WAN/LAN networking, and integration of networks and security into those environments.
  • • Support high-paced, high-demand environments, the team is ready to receive exposure to many challenging opportunities that have a direct impact on the success of the organization.

Scope of Responsibilities:

As indicated, the team supports corporate LAN/WAN, security solutions and data center networking.  We offer support, design, configuration, maintenance and monitoring services to ensure the integrity and function of networks and networking hardware in data centers and across the country at multiple locations.  We like to bring the perspective of a solutions engineering organization; our goal is to help the organizations succeed by helping them understand their networking needs and plan for the future.

Projects Work:

Our resources are frequently required to assist with a wide variety of project work.  This may include, but isn’t limited to:

  • • Networking and Security solutions Deployment/Migration
  • • IT Business Office build out
  • • Solutions Engineering
  • • Application Optimization
  • • Capacity Management
  • • Overseas integrations
  • • General and Advanced Network Integrations

In all project deployments cases, we represent the organization from a networking perspective and provide guidance regarding what networking prerequisites, hardware, resources and implementation times may exist.  Whereas many resources at other organizations attempt to estimate the networking requirements of a project, and frequently cause project shortcomings.


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