Tech Kingdom MSP Referral Partner Program Overview

Tech Kingdom MSP Referral Partner Program


MSP Referral Partner: help steer businesses and individuals to the right direction. Send them our way and make some profit based on our own profits. Best for MSPs that are looking to sell the contract and/or customer relationship or want to fire their customer as both parties don’t match, but would like a nice handoff and to continue to make some income.

Tech Kingdom MSP Referral Responsibilities:


  • • Be available to discuss and create a seamless hand-off/smooth transition.
  • • Provide details on current contracts and services with every referral so we better know how to serve them.
  • • Let us know of any issues they may have or you may have had with them if any.
  • • Do not disclose your pricing, benefits, or any internal information related to this Partner Program relationship. A Mutual NDA will be signed.


Program Benefits:


  • • 10-16% Commission on Contract Profit for life of contract.
  • • $10+ Amazon Gift Card as a Thank You for MSP Contract  for 20+ user environments after 3 Months.
  • • Continuous growth opportunities based on every 6 successful offloaded customers.
  • • Continuous program growth based on success, with the potential increase of commissions.



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