Tech Kingdom Mercenary Partner Program Overview

Tech Kingdom Mercenary Partner Program


Vendor Partner: A partner who provides services or products for Tech Kingdom’s customers for resale. Best for IT Vendors, Software/Hardware Vendors, VARs, ITSPs, and MSPs.


Tech Kingdom Mercenary Partner Responsibilities:


  • • Provide the best solutions, services, and/or products.
  • • Ensure you design your software or service workflow by the most efficient and secure standards, utilizing best practices.
  • • Work with us in providing the solution to the customer.
  • • Do not disclose your pricing, benefits, or any internal information related to this Partner Program relationship. A Mutual NDA will be signed.


Program Details:


  • • Potential Sales Opportunities
  • • Customer and Partner reach
  • • Management of Customer Relation
  • • Marketing and Sales Efforts


5 Important Aspects We Look For:


  • • Efficient
  • • Secure By Design
  • • Cost-Effective or Cost Reasonable
  • • Purpose
  • • Trustworthiness


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