MSP Client Transfer Request


Growing Managed Service Providers or Information Technology Service Providers sometimes need to offload their smaller customers to ensure their business increases profitability. We are here to help make sure these customers are able to continue having their IT needs provided. Guaranteed new customers are truly very effective in helping Tech Kingdom grow and improve.


We can work with Business Owners, Decision Makers, Executives, Financial Controllers, CIOs/CTOs/IT Directors/IT Managers/System Administrators and IT Budget Controllers. This of course depends on the business and how it’s setup, but if you find yourself needing to fire a client due to growth, feel free to contact us here!


Please Note: We will require your current contract and any additional information, be available for discussing the needs for further details. We will need to ensure a smooth transition and customer approval before moving forward. 


Program Details:

  • • 10-16% Commission on Contract Profit for life of contract.
  • • $10+ Amazon Gift Card as a Thank You for MSP Contract  for 20+ user environments after 3 Months
  • • Continuous growth opportunities based on every 6 successful offloaded customers
  • • Continuous program growth based on success, with potential increase of commissions


All Customer Offloads for MSP Contracts will be provided: 10-16% of the contract profit.

For example, if a contract is $5000 per month and there is a $4000 per month cost and profit is $1000: You will receive $100 per month at the 10% tier for the life of the contract as soon as the customer pays us, we will also give you a $10+ Amazon Gift Card as a thank you for any environments with 20 users or up. Every 6 customers will get you a higher percent rate that will be applied to all your existing customers.

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