Tech Kingdom Ally Partner Program Overview

Tech Kingdom Ally Partner Program


Mutual Partner/Solution Partner: A more custom mutual Strategic partner program where both parties work towards building a better customer relationship and helping the customer strive for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Recognized as a Crucial “Ally” respectably in all or multiple Partner types. Best for collaboration and benefits will vary.


Tech Kingdom Ally Responsibilities:


  • • Ensure End-Users and Customers are taken care of to the best of your abilities based on your business structure, functionality, and resources.
  • • Ensure there’s no delinquency and immediately report any cancellation of services.
  • • Ensure best practices and highest security method is used in regards to providing the services and/or products to Customers and End-Users.
  • • If opted into the Mercenary Partner Program: availability to receive requests for quotes for your services as a Vendor for Tech Kingdom’s direct customers.
  • • Provide us any notice of prior Tech Kingdom customers approaching you directly, request they provide reason for moving to another provider, disclose this to help us improve our quality for future Tech Kingdom customers.
  • • Do not disclose your pricing, benefits, or any internal information related to this Partner Program relationship. A Mutual NDA will be signed.


Program Benefits:


  • • Usage of Trademarked Logo to promote business partnership.
  • • Documents, whitepapers, or any other resource needed to help make sales and marketing efforts better and easier.
  • • Varied discounts on various services and products, Ally Partners are already under the Fiefdom Partner Program and can resell services.
  • • Basic, License, Escalation to Vendor, and Partner support provided depending on product and service.
  • • Growing List of Vendors to utilize.
  • • For MSPs/IT Providers: extra support in building an MSP type business.
  • • Link to your website and promotional Partner marketing on our website and/or social medias.
  • • Yearly success of Partner determines bonuses paid to Partner based on Profits.
  • • If opted into the Mercenary Partner Program: Potential to receive requests for quotes for your services as a Vendor for our customers.
  • • If opted into the Warband Corps Program: access to sales portals, access to certain vendors and suppliers with Discounts and Commission on new sales brought to Vendor.
  • • Future Benefits: Future updates, documents, price sheets, Partner Portal, etc to be provided.

Also see:  Mercenary Partner Program and Warband Agent Program.


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