Strategic Employment To Consulting Program


Tech Kingdom not only provides managed services, IT Solutions, supplemental services to support your business, customized employment services, etc.

We can also provide a unique service: Strategic Employment To Consulting Program or (SETCP)

Normally we provide services for discovery, consulting, and on-boarding to create a customized solution, however some organizations may require a more thorough approach. We will provide short-term to long-term consulting through employment, after which we will continue to provide Consulting, Strategy, and Support as your Managed Service Provider and Strategic Advisor.

This creates a closer relationship and helps us understand your business needs more thoroughly.

We provide the Technical resource to provide on-site services, we will then go through various stages to create an efficiently working Information Technology function/department/infrastructure in your business based on Security, Cost-effectiveness, Efficiency, and any other special business needs:

Stage 1: Discovery, Information Gathering, and Design

  • *Scope Business needs
  • *Understand executive and departmental needs
  • *Create IT and Infrastructure Proposal
  • *Review IT Budget needs
  • *IT Documents Creation including policies, strategies, disaster recovery plans, etc.

Stage 2: Implementation and Setup

  • *Setup IT Infrastructure to support business needs and goals
  • *Finalize and complete IT Projects and tasks as needed
  • *Create a stable, secure, and efficient IT environment
  • *Support IT and business needs based on priorities
  • *Development of IT hierarchy and staffing needs based on organization

Stage 3: Maintain, Manage, and Support

  • *Improve, Upgrade, Change various aspects as needed
  • *Update IT Documents and Policies based on the implemented systems with more granular and detailed information
  • *Setup scheduled On-Site Physical Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly maintenance schedules
  • *Ensure business teams, departments and executives are satisfied with the technology solutions in place
  • *Further develop and forecast IT Budget and IT needs based on business requirements and any issues that emerge

Stage 4: Improve, Automate, and Build

  • *Look for trends or reoccurring problems and develop plans/systems/scripts to prevent issues causing the problems/Root-Cause Analysis
  • *Create a more streamlined, automated system for dealing with reoccurring needs that automation would improve
  • *Ensure proper scripts and automation aspects run properly and deliver the required technology and/or business assets
  • *Look into other aspects to improve cost-effectiveness, efficiency, security, sales/profits/revenue
  • *Business Development and Technology Growth needs: Potential Web Development projects with Web Development, Online Advertising, SEO, and Marketing needs to ensure visibility with targeted audiences if needed based on Marketing and Sales needs.

Please Note: Currently, we can only provide this service in select Southern California locations, but we are looking to expand to provide this service to more locations. Our SETCP Program will be a minimum 6-12 month (based on environment) employment contract with light Managed Services elements, the Managed Services elements will dynamically change to create a more long-term Business Contract once SETCP Program has been completed and support will continue based on contract specifications. SETCP Employment contract can be extended further based on additional needs or issues, all parties will need to agree and justify the need. SETCP contract can be converted into Permanent Dedicated On-Site function as needed based on agreed terms. 

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