Tech Kingdom Fiefdom Partner Program Overview

Tech Kingdom Fiefdom Partner Program


Reseller Partner: A partner who wants to resell our services or products as their own/work with us without the customer having visibility and managing the relationship fully. Best for IT Resellers, VARs, ITSPs, and MSPs.

Tech Kingdom Fiefdom Reseller Responsibilities:


  • • Ensure End-Users and Customers are taken care of to the best of your abilities based on your business structure, functionality, and resources.
  • • Ensure there’s no delinquency and immediately report any cancellation of services.
  • • Ensure best practices and highest security method is used in regards to providing the services and/or products to Customers and End-Users.
  • • Do not disclose your pricing, benefits, or any internal information related to this Partner Program relationship. A Mutual NDA will be signed.


Program Benefits:


  • • Usage of Trademarked Logo to promote business partnership.
  • • Documents, whitepapers, or any other resource needed to help make sales and marketing efforts better and easier.
  • • Varied discounts on various services and products.
  • • Basic, License, Escalation to Vendor, and Partner support provided depending on product and service.
  • • Growing List of Vendors to utilize.
  • • Link to your website and promotional Partner marketing on our website and/or social medias.
  • • Yearly success of Partner determines bonuses paid to Partner based on Profits.
  • • Future Benefits: Future updates, documents, price sheets, Partner Portal, etc to be provided.


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