Why work with Tech Kingdom? An overview of Services.

Valorous morrow to thee all!

Here’s some ways Tech Kingdom can help and benefit your organization! Many organizations either lack the in-house knowledge, can’t afford a full-time IT team with their budget, or are having trouble finding people that can work with their Technology needs. This is where Tech Kingdom shines, we bring in all the professional knowledge and on top of reducing the cost to your business!

We don’t just try to sell services or products, we look for unique tailored solutions to fit all your business needs. We offer a vast variety of services as mentioned previously. It’s not about “working” with someone who’s going to be providing IT services, it’s about forming an allegiance for the benefit of your unique business need with a company that will look deeper into your business to determine the best solutions. We look for only the best interests of our allies and their needs, if a service or solution isn’t best for them. We find ways to improve on it or find a solution that fits them much better.

With all this said, if you do need some further information, please Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have! If you need a Project or technical need looked into and aren’t sure how to go about it, send a Consulting Request! Don’t let your technology environment be uncontrolled or unknown, we can get it all resolved!


Domain Names

We offer low cost domain names and have numerous TLDs or Top Level Domain extensions. We also offer .com, .net, .org, and all standard domain extensions. You can see further details on Domain Pricing. We also offer Premium Domains if you require those type of Domains as well. If you want to be sure before you make a purchase, feel free to contact us beforehand!


SSL Certificates

Tech Kingdom is extremely enthusiastic about security and to have a proper Domain and Hosting be certified, an SSL Certificate must be installed. This allows Trust to be formed with your customers. Any SSL Certificate that meets your business requirements can be procured easily through our Billing Site and Marketplace.


Technology Hosting

There are a variety of different types of hosting to meet your needs! Whether you need, Dedicated Hosting, Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, or Reseller Hosting. They all different and are best for different scenarios and environments. The lowest cost options are Shared Web Hosting while the highest quality option are a very Secure Dedicated Server. Every business is unique and has a different set of technology requirements to meet business needs. We try to allow for a wide variety of options because location of datacenter is also very important to your business requirements.


Web Development

If you require Web Development, we can help you build out any type of website! Our team can build an exceptional quality site and we can incorporate all your business needs. Just send us a Web Development Request! Or if you require help with managing or setting up a great SEO environment, please check out our Managed SEO Services or contact us for further SEO requests!


Payment Processing

Another important aspect is Payment Processing. This is the ability to take in credit cards or other forms of payment both physically and through your website! We work with a partner that can integrate this system which will then direct deposit the revenue into your bank account.


Maintenance and Management

We have a special remote support software that allows us to effectively improve efficiencies, create Maintenance plans, and quickly assist with issues. Our team also provides Anti-Virus software built into this software. This is the first step to allowing us to provide IT Support to your business.


Office 365

Office 365 is a great suite of business software from Microsoft and is beneficial in most business environments. It integrates very well with Microsoft Outlook which is the leading Email support client for most businesses. Office 365 unlocks many features to businesses that improve productivity and efficiency. There’s also Training for your business if you are new to this technology! We also have specialized software that can help Law Firms manage and maintain their Matters, called Matter Center 365 which requires and integrates with Office 365.


Voice Services

Another very important aspect to business technology needs is Voice Communication! Tech Kingdom can provide voice services with loads of features that would be beneficial to your business. The capability to being able to call out and receive calls on your cell phone is a crucial feature to businesses nowadays!


End-User Support

In addition, 24/7 Support plans allow all IT issues to be looked at and resolved by our team. Our IT Support covers all the basic issues that you will need resolved to run your business! Every business deserves the support it needs to function efficiently!


Data Recovery

Did your devices get corrupt or lose data on it? We can help you get your data recovered securely!


Tech Kingdom Services

Hence, this is only a basic overview of what we offer, Tech Kingdom offers a lot more than this! Keep watching as we bring more of our offerings to light and expand or Tech Marketplace!

We specialize in technology as a whole and we can help serve any business technology need you have! Our Kingdom is one who strives to better the technology world, help optimize and secure our allies!  “Our oath of honor binds us to our allies’ needs.” In conclusion, Tech Kingdom will defend our allies to the best of our abilities!

Most wondrous regards,
Tech Kingdom Forces

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